John Vincent Lee

Ants & Cheese. July, 2016. 

A color experiment involving a single sidewalk square and peoples' reactions to it. Filmed April, 2015.

Drawing inspiration from Dziga Vertov's 1929 "Man with a Movie Camera", "A Student With a 360 Camera" aims to capture a candid glimpse of New York City through the lens of the 360 video camera in public spaces, allowing the viewer to observe the people around it in different settings throughout Manhattan.  Filmed December 30th, 2015. 

A short clip of bubbles and their creator in New York City's Union Square Park. Filmed July, 2016.

Having trouble finding your creative side? This handy video instructs viewers on how to make a painting via an old cup of juice in 11 easy steps.

The experimental short film, "The Plant"​ is a simple story about a guy who tries to help a plant in need. However, the film itself represents a style of filmmaking that I have been investigating- the incorporation of elements of the "real world" into a traditional narrative-based cinema experience allowing these elements and characters to directly influence what unfolds onscreen. A genuine mix of documentary footage and fictitious plot I consider this a contemporary and more extreme version of neorealism. 

James, Alden, Harrison and Valentina begin their search for the people and resources they need to make an alternative sitcom.